Winter Camo Nerf Mega Centurion Blaster
IMG_2578.jpg Winter Camo Nerf Mega Centurion Blaster

Currently Sold Out!

I'm working on making some more.  If you'd like to be notified when one is available for sale, send an email to  They cost $150 with scope, $110 without. 

This is a custom painted Nerf Mega Centurion with 3-9x scope and modified internals. This blaster/gun is a work of art before I even touch it! The lines, the details, the barrel shroud all look great right out of the box, but the stock red/orange/white colors just don't do it justice. Now with my hand-painted rugged Winter Camo finish, this is a piece that would look great hanging on the office wall or above the fireplace! Optional scope adds 3 to 9 times zoom with adjustable windage, elevation, and focus. All contact points along the bottom of the gun are coated in durable "Plasti-Dip" spray on rubber coating...this includes the bipod feet, the lower half of the ammo magazine, and the bottom and rear of the shoulder stock. The normally orange cocking knobs are also coated in black Plasti-Dip to give more grip and match better. The trigger was left bare because wear from sliding back and forth would just scrape off any paint coating not thick enough to impede trigger movement.

The internals are modified by removing the air restrictor and spike, and sealing up the power tube vents. These modifications give the gun slightly more power to push the dart out of the barrel, resulting in a few more feet of range than normal. (All it takes is one more foot than your opponent, and you're out of their range while hitting them. ;) Finally, I've modified the connection between the normally permanent barrel and gun receiver, so now you can remove the barrel for storage, transport, and close-quarters battles.  Plus it shoots a little farther without the barrel!  

Includes all removed internals, and instruction manual for scope and gun. See the video at the bottom of the page for more info and a demonstration. Thanks for looking!



Select WITH or WITHOUT scope. Price difference is $40 and you will be refunded the difference after the sale if you choose WITHOUT. (Blaster WITHOUT scope is $109 plus shipping.)